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Become Olina Pearl's Member to enjoy the exclusive offers

  • Register to become our new member to enjoy multiple member benefits. Every HK$1 you spend can earn up to 1 member point, and every 100 member points is equivalent to HK$1 store credit or can redeem our delicate gift.
  • Accumulated spendings upon certain amount will be upgraded to become a VIP member. VIP members can enjoy more exclusive services and benefits.

General Member :
.Instantly enjoy HK$200 store credits

.Earn member points upon spending

.Enjoy HK$300 store credits for your birthday month

.Introduction to our latest offer and new arrival jewelries


VIP Member (Accumulated spending of HKD100,000,both in store or online store) :
.Earn member points upon spending

.Enjoy HK$500 store credits for your birthday month

Introduction to our latest offer and new arrival jewelries

.Up to 3% off to specific pearl jewelries

.Priority for introduction and reservation for limited offers


VVIP Member (Accumulated spending of HKD200,000,both in store or online store) :

.Earn member points upon spending

.Enjoy HK$1,000 store credits for your birthday month

Introduction to our latest offer and new arrival jewelries

.Up to 7% off to specific pearl jewelries

.Priority for introduction and reservation for limited offers

.Indefinite invitation to Private Pearl Appreciation

—————Terms & Conditions—————

If you register to become a member through Olina Pearl's website, please pay attention to the following conditions:

(i). Information provided during registration must be intact and accurate;

(ii). Password must be entered at first time registration, it will be used to verify your identity as a member of Olina Pearl and to give you access to the website as a member;

(iii). Password can be changed at anytime after the first time registration;

(iv). Password must be kept safely must not disclose your password to other parties at anytime or any situation.

(v). We are authorized to hypothesize that any parties using the your membership number and password on the website is you or a party authorized by you to act on your behalf.

Terms and conditions for redemption of Olina Pearl's member points and store credits:
(i). Member points AND store credit cannot be exchanged for cash.

(ii). Every HK$1 spend can earn 1 member point. Member points will be credited to the member points system within 7 days after each purchase.

(iii). Every 100 points is equivalent to HK$1 store credit. Store credit can only be used but no more than HK$1,000 unless the amount of your purchase fulfills HK$2,000. Store credit can be used in store or on online store.

(iv). The period of use of "Birthday store credit" is 364 days,invalid if expires.

(v). Member points credited from 1/1 to 31/12 of the current year will be uniformly expired on October 31 of next year, invalid if expires.

(vi). We reserve the right to revise the gift redemption or discount offer announced through any channel from time to time without notice. A limited number of gifts or discounts are available on a first-come-first-served basis while stock lasts. Gifts must also be subject to the applicable terms and conditions of the merchant. The relevant merchant reserves the right to provide members with other similar quality or price gifts or services as a substitute. For details, please refer to the individual gifts or promotional advertisements related to the offers.

(vii). Unless otherwise stated, we shall not be liable for any breach of contract or tort or any other cause for any gifts offered by third-party merchants. All the representations and warranties of quality, design, specifications or other aspects provided by us or in the gift redemption area or any other channel for such offers shall be the responsibility of the respective merchants. Therefore, we are not responsible for any death, injury, damage, or loss caused directly or indirectly to any member or any third party or any of its property as a result of the gifts provided to members. If the gift itself has defects in the production process, or is damaged during delivery and delivery, it will not be returned.​

Do's and Don'ts :
(i). All member exclusive offers are only valid for the promotion period specified in the promotion.

(ii). Olina Pearl's member exclusive offers can only be used by selected members, cannot be transferred to others, and can only be used once.

(iii). To enjoy Olina Pearl member exclusive offers, the intact product coupon or cash coupon number provided by Olina Pearl must be presented to be valid.

(iv). Offers of product promotion coupons cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be used in conjunction with other cash coupons.

(v). In case of any disputes, we reserve the right of final decision.