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Your Pearl Jewelry Expert

About Olina

Olina Pearl specialises in Seawater pearls such as Japanese Akoya pearl, Japanese Mabe pearl, Southsea pearls and Tahiti pearls etc. We are passionate to provide exclusive pearl jewelries in the design style of elegance, fashionable and delicacy, in order to inject new lives into this classic gemstone. Our mission as a pearl jewelry upstart and specialist, is to help women from different backgrounds and classes to find their exclusive jewelry by offering varies of choices.


Olina's Story

Pearls have been regarded as a symbol of wealth and status as early as more than 5,000 years ago, and extremely rare pearls found in the deep sea are used to indicate the status of royalty. To this day, pearls are still valued and passed down from generation to generation.

With years of pearl wholesale business history, Olina has seen a fruitful amount of pearls at their natural shapes, lusters, colors and sizes. Every pearl is unique and so are we.

The mother shell can only produce one pearl in its lifetime, which is a precious life story of every mother shell. We believe that it is the best way to commemorate every precious moments in women's life stages.





           Every Pearl is Unique.

           Every Woman is One of a Kind.



Our Vision

The name of "Olina" was chosen by its meaning of "Light" in Greek. It embodies our vision of seeing every woman's distinctive beauty to bloom and shine through our unique pearls, just like the beautiful lusters in every single pearl.




Our belief in Business and Design are strongly linked.

Since the establishment in 2013, there is always a strong link between our belief in Business and Design. Olina has inherited the expertise and rich experience from the pearl family in more than 30 years, thereby to offer our customers the most exquisite pearls in the most reasonable price. Meanwhile, we are passionate to provide exclusive pearl jewelries in the design style of elegance, fashionable and delicacy. To inject new lives into this classic gemstone is the persistence behind our business belief.



Showroom covers an area of 1000 sq.ft.
Relaxing and Pleasant Environment 

Olina Pearl's 1000 sq.ft showroom is located in Tsim Sha Tsui.
Customers will be able to find their own pieces of pearl jewelry in our relaxing and pleasant environment, they will also be able to discover more jewelry designs that
 give prominence of shine to certain pieces of pearl. 

Active in participating Jewelry Exhibitions Across the World

Olina Pearl is active in participating jewelry exhibitions across the world including Hong Kong, Japan, Mainland China, Dubai etc. We are devoted to promote all sorts of pearl jewelry such as Southsea White Pearls, Southsea Gold Pearls, Japanese Akoya Pearls and Tahiti Black Pearls.