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After-sales Services

Olina Pearl provides a 5-year after-sales warranty service for all products purchased from our store.

This warranty includes services such as cleaning, chain repairs, re-setting of loose pearls, and thread replacement, among others.



Maintanence Service

Olina Pearl provides a five-year after-sales maintenance service for all products purchased from our store. This service includes chain repairs and re-setting of loose pearls. We will assess whether free repairs can be made based on factors such as the necklace's material, design, and the location of the breakage. Please bring the relevant jewelry to our store or send it to us by mail, and we will assess whether charges may apply and provide an estimated time frame for the repairs.
  • If pearls or gemstones become loose, we offer free re-setting. In the event of pearl or gemstone loss, customers can purchase a replacement at 70% of the original price and enjoy free labor for re-setting.
  • If the ring size is not suitable, customers can have it adjusted, but relevant fees will apply. Please note that certain ring styles may have limitations on the extent of adjustment, and in some cases, adjustments may not be possible. For more details, please inquire with us.
  • We assure you that the process of setting pearls, diamonds, and gemstones is meticulous and precise. However, under different wearing and storage conditions, metal may deform or wear. Failure to address this promptly may result in loose pearls or gemstones, so we recommend bringing your jewelry to our store for inspection and maintenance as soon as possible.
  • In the case of losing one earring, customers can bring the remaining earring to our store or send it to us by mail, and we will create a new pair of earrings to match. Please note that feasibility and charges will be determined based on design and material limitations.
  • If the earring post is lost, please bring the earring stud to our store, and we will match it with a new earring post based on different styles. Please inquire about the associated charges.
  • If customers wish to adjust the length of a pendant necklace, we will analyze and determine the appropriate adjustments based on the necklace type and individual methods. However, please note that certain designs and materials (such as silver) may have limitations on adjustments or may require additional charges.
  • If the clasp of a pendant becomes difficult to open or close due to the weakening of the spring, we will provide repair services to address this issue.

Cleaning Service

Olina Pearl provides free cleaning services for all products purchased from our store. If you notice that your jewelry has lost its luster due to oxidation, we welcome you to visit our store for professional jewelry cleaning. However, please keep in mind that pearls are organic gemstones, and any surface peeling or reduction in luster cannot be reversed or remedied. Therefore, it is crucial to follow correct wearing and storage methods to maintain the beautiful luster of pearls. For more information, please refer to our Pearl Care Tips. Please note that the maintenance service does not cover damage caused by human factors, such as pearls breaking or scratching due to mishandling.

If you notice a decrease in the shine of metal fittings or diamonds, please make an appointment with us for cleaning and polishing services. During the appointment, we will confirm the associated fees and estimated time. To ensure that your pearl jewelry maintains its brilliance and lasts a lifetime, we recommend customers to have their purchased jewelry cleaned, polished, and inspected annually.


Silk Thread Replacement Service
All pearl necklaces purchased from our store are strung with the finest quality silk thread, ensuring durability. However, we also offer a complimentary silk thread replacement and necklace restringing service within the first five years. Afterward, a labor fee of HKD 580 will be charged for each service.