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About Southsea White Pearl

Southsea White Pearls, "King of Pearls," are indeed among the most precious and prestigious pearls in the world of seawater pearls. These exquisite pearls are cultivated by the Pinctada maxima species of oysters, renowned for their remarkable size, and are predominantly found in the South Pacific. With a diameter ranging from approximately 9-19mm, Southsea White Pearls are highly coveted by socialites and nobility, symbolizing timeless beauty and luxury.


High-quality Origin

Southsea White Pearls originate from Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, with the finest quality pearls being cultivated in the pristine, clear waters of Australia. The Australian Southsea White pearls, also known as "Aussie Whites," are highly regarded due to the mature cultivation techniques employed in Australia, resulting in the production of exceptional pearls. These pearls possess a flawless and lustrous beauty, reflecting their perfect, smooth surface and delicate warmth, leaving an eternal impression.


Impressive Size

Southsea White pearl is produced by the Pinctada maxima oyster, known for its large size. The average diameter of South Sea pearls ranges from 10-15mm, with the largest pearls reaching up to 19mm. The larger the pearl, the higher its value, making those larger than 15mm quite rare and expensive. Additionally, Australian Southsea White pearls are characterized by a nacre thickness of 2mm, which is 60 to 100 times thicker than Japanese pearls. This thicker nacre layer enhances their exceptional quality and texture.

Round Shape

Since Southsea White pearls are cultivated in seawater, they belong to the category of seawater pearls, which distinguishes them from freshwater pearls. As a result, Southsea White pearls are predominantly round in shape, further increasing their value and meeting the discerning requirements of pearl connoisseurs seeking high-end pearls.


Extraordinary Color

Due to their growth environment, Southsea White Pearls exhibit exceptional luster, displaying a silver-white color and a smooth surface, exuding elegance and romance. Unlike the soft, delicate hues of freshwater pearls and Japanese Akoya pearls, Southsea White Pearls often have a white base color with a radiant metallic sheen. Furthermore, their luster is more gentle and refined compared to the aforementioned pearls, giving them a delicate and polished appearance.


Previous Value

The high price of Australian White Pearls can be attributed to their scarcity and exceptional quality. Pearls with good characteristics and a diameter of 12mm or larger already command prices in the tens of thousands. High-quality Southsea White Pearls with a diameter of 15mm or more can reach prices of several hundred thousand dollars per pearl. The cultivation of Southsea White Pearls requires specific environmental conditions, including clean air, pristine water quality, suitable water temperature, open and calm bays, and regions with minimal typhoon activity. These factors contribute to the healthy development of the pearl oysters over a cultivation period of at least six years, resulting in the smooth and lustrous surface of Southsea White Pearls.

The limited production, combined with their exceptional quality and larger size, has made "Aussie Whites" highly sought after in the market. Their remarkable attributes, such as their roundness, purity, significant size, and captivating natural luster, embody unparalleled elegance and romance.

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