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About Tahiti Black Pearl

Tahiti Black Pearls are renowned as the "Black Prince." They are admired for their wisdom and depth, their captivating allure and mysterious. They are known for their large size, beautiful overtones, stunning iridescence, and unique colors that set them apart from regular seawater pearls.

Exclusive Origin

Tahiti seawater pearls are produced only in the pristine waters of Polynesia. Out of every 100 oysters, only 1 to 2 can produce pearls of perfect quality. The oysters responsible for producing black pearls are known as black-lipped oysters.

Vibrant Overtones

Tahiti Black Pearls exhibit a stunning array of colors. They possess a rich and diverse palette, with captivating iridescence. The two primary colors are platinum gray and mysterious black, which shimmer with overtones of peacock green, deep purple, sea blue, and golden brown. It is this remarkable display of colors that makes black pearls highly sought after and cherished. Among these colors, the most valuable and popular is the black pearl with vibrant peacock green overtones.

Luminous Black

Despite being black in color, Tahiti Black Pearls possess a clear and radiant luster that sets them apart. The true essence lies in their ability to reflect light, producing a mirror-like effect and delivering a sharp and vivid image. The finest black pearls have the remarkable capability to reflect light in such a way that they never appear dull or dim, defying the notion that black is synonymous with darkness.

Precious Value

The value of Tahiti Black Pearls increases with their quality and size. Among black pearls, those with vibrant peacock green overtones are considered the most valuable. Furthermore, the formation process of these pearls typically takes over two years. They only harvest the pearls when the nacre has accumulated to the appropriate thickness. During the cultivation process, only one pearl nucleus is implanted in each black-lipped oyster, and each oyster can produce only one black pearl. On average, only about 30% of the oysters will successfully cultivate pearls, and among them, only around 5 pearls will be of high quality. Factors such as weather and water quality can also impact the pearl's appearance. Obtaining a large, high-quality black pearl is a challenging task due to these factors. Therefore, each high-quality Tahiti Black Pearls is truly precious and highly valued.

Diverse Shapes

Tahiti Black Pearls come in a range of sizes, typically ranging from 6mm to 13mm. Black pearls from Tahiti that are 12mm or larger, especially in round shape, are considered highly valuable and command a high price. These pearls exhibit a variety of shapes, which can generally be categorized into five types: round, oval, teardrop, circled, and baroque. Round pearls have always been popular among buyers and are considered sustainable and easy to wear. In recent years, there has been an increasing interest from designers in exploring other shapes of black pearls. They draw inspiration from the unique natural shapes and captivating black hues of these pearls, creating stylish and distinctive jewelry designs.

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