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Create Your Own Memories👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏻

What pops up when it comes to Valentine's Day gift?

Bouquet of Roses🌹? or Perfume💫?

Sounds a little lame, isn't it?

How about something🤔 exclusive and memorable

for just you and her?💖

Akoya 18K Gold Customized Initial Bracelet / Necklace

Little design but filled with priceless LOVE and MEMORIES.💖

The 2 initials of a loving couple,

And the precious Akoya pearl in between

become the best reminder for treasuring each other.

Trio Baby Akoya 18K Gold Necklace

This is the perfect pearl necklace

if you are a low profile pearl lover,

or even SINGLE.💖

With the rare baby size Akoya pearls with superb luster,

you would be in seventh heaven

just by looking at it.

Struggle to say “I love you”? Write it 💌

We all know how hard it is

to say "I love you" sometimes🙊

Other than the exquisite packaging along with your purchase,

we would also offer you a sweet message card,

for you to express your love through words

to your beloved ones💖