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🧧Grandly Present New Year Gift of Dragon🧨

As we step into the Dragon Year, Olina Pearl is delighted to be the first to bring you abundant blessings to welcome the new year! 🧨


From now till February 28th, with any purchase at Olina Pearl, you will receive a complimentary "Year of Dragon 999 Gold Red Packet"! 🎁

This red packet features a cute cartoon dragon-shaped 999 gold coin at its center, symbolizing authority, power, and luck.✨

Embrace the radiance of pearls and the majesty of dragons as you strive to achieve more dreams and goals! 🥰


Don't miss this luxury New Year Gift and select your favorite items at Olina Pearl shop or website.  

Joining together in welcoming the arrival of the Dragon Year 🐉.

*Limited quantities available, while supplies last.
*The promotion is subject to terms and conditions. In case of any dispute, Olina Pearl reserves the right of final decision.